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GiGhive is redefining and creating a whole new standard for the independent music arts

The GiGhive Brand is Re Launching in the coming weeks

  • Which includes the Redesign of the Online Network, Blog and Music Directory
  • The Opening of the 616 Music Venue
  • The Introduction of IANMA Music Award Statue
  • And Much More!

Are you currently a branded independent artist?

Who owns an official website?

Has a well written bio?

Has a decent following or has/had accomplishment/achievements in music industry or related field?

Then submit your website for review and become part of our re launch!

GiGhive is a premier music network and directory of independent artist brands, musicians and music professionals who endeavor to compete at a high level in an online industry designed to maximize revenue from advertising, product sponsorships and music sales... Are You Listed?!

Independent Artist (indie artist): an artist - entrepreneur - an independent minded person - self-taught - a resourceful individual.

Those who have a clear concept of what they are trying to accomplish - leveraging new technologies in order to help achieve desired goals.

An independent artist is able to manifest his or her vision in any number of ways utilizing the available resources to effectively convey ideas and goals to individuals who can help them get to the next level.

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Who or what are today's Independent Artists? The old technical phrase 'Independent Artist' is still being used by the music industry and industry professionals today. The term is associated with unsigned, unsigned music artists, indie artist, independent music artist, independent labels or bands.

If you haven't noticed, the music industry has shifted from a physical to a digital world along with many other established industries, such as news outlets, magazines, film and video. The Internet has become the first truly global distribution channel for all types of artists, providing them with the opportunity to connect with fans, new audiences, customers, users and new business prospects.

We feel it's time artists redefine the term and welcome a new class of independent artists to the Internet community. Its time to re-define a term that has shifted away from its origins and is now being attached to a new and evolving breed of independent artists. Ones that are far removed from the old music paradigm.

These new artists usually have a substantial web presence on sites such as LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook, or host personal/business sites on their own, utilizing platforms such as Wordpress or Typepad to connect to their ever expanding base.

We can safely say these artists are independent artists in the truest sense of the word, and are doing business on the web as internet mini businesses and brands, in much the same way as their larger counterparts. In many ways they are able to adapt more quickly to the ever changing internet environments.

Many of these new emerging artists are not 'Unsigned Artists' and their primary intent isn't being signed by labels. They can be categorized as, bloggers, writers, photographers, web designers, programmers, fashion designers, videographers, artists, dancers, singers, etc.

Although GiGhive at its core is a music community and network, we also understand that a successful community must include an active participation of all types of independent artists to function as a whole.

While each independent category of artists may be may be unique from one another, artists must still rely on skill-sets offered by any given group of artists, such as band needing the services of a skilled photographer or a photographer needing the services of a gifted web designer.

It is our purpose at GiGhive to strive to be at the forefront of a this new and emerging type of artist. Being one in the same, we hope to blaze a new trail as we continue shift way from old and into the new...