About GiGhive Independent Artists



gighive logoGiGhive is an online music network and directory dedicated to listing the websites of next generation independent artists that endeavor to compete at a high level in an online music industry geared to maximize revenue from advertising, product sponsorships, endorsements and music sales.

Through a simple submission process, artists, musicians, bands and music professionals can have their website featured in a network that is committed to seeking out the worlds leading independent artists and professionals. Hand-selected artists ranging from up-and-coming independent artists, to established artists who are signed to an indie label, to music experts providing unique services.

We are building the network from the ground up to create apps and resources to feature content from the artist's home pages and their extended social networks. We believe the music website is the ultimate press kit and is the most vital part of the artists promotional arsenal. A&Rs, labels, sponsors, agents, business owners, managers, bookers and journalists have to agree with that assessment, because it gives them exactly what they need to find out more about you, your services and/or music; saving them time and making you more bookable.

As a venue owner and music entrepreneur, I personally believe after going through thousands of submissions a year and dealing with artists on a daily basis, 90% of the best artists have certain qualities in common. It becomes second nature for many music professionals in the industry to pick up on. We are building The GiGhive Music Network on that foundation.



"It's important for indie artists to maintain their unique voice in the predictable, mainstream climate currently known as the music industry. GiGhive provides the perfect balance of professionalism and creativity to spotlight upcoming artists who may otherwise be overlooked and for that I'll always be grateful to continue working with them" - Melanie Edwards


What is a GiGhive Independent Artist?