Angela Johnson

Singer Songwriter • Angela Johnson • Newark New Jersey

" Reared on Motown backbeats, 70s groove bands, and gospel wails; this multi-talented artist creates songs that infuse classic elements into a dynamic and contemporary brew distinctly her own "


After delivering nearly two decades of honest music, Angela Johnson has nothing left to prove. A newly liberated Johnson returns ready to party. Culling the funky sounds of that twilight period between the end of disco and the height of the funk era, Johnson’s production on It’s Personal rediscovers the rhythmic grooves, propulsive basslines, and memorable chords that once poured from live instruments instead of technology. Club bangers like the lead single “Better” and “Hurts Like Hell” fuses warm harmonies and infectious hooks with personal lyrics that tell Angie’s uncompromising truths. Throughout, Johnson gifts her listeners with that rare music her fans can both step to and be moved by, the kind once commonplace “On The Radio.”

With lyrical revelations like “Be Myself” and “Get Myself Together,” not since Got To Let It Go’s “Got To Let It Go,” Johnson’s personal testimony about surviving her mother’s homegoing, has Johnson bared so much of her soul in song. Even on the Eric Roberson’s penned “The Indie In Me,” the only lyric not written by Johnson, Roberson’s take on the joys and trials of life on the road as an artist resonate with Johnson’s story. As does the lifeblood of her marital love on the single, “All In Me,” with up and coming crooner, Darien, serving as a stand-in for Russell on a sultry duet that’s already steaming up the airwaves.

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