Bunny West Cover of “Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden Gives the Song a Whole New Perspective

Bunny West MusicThe spirit of Bunny West comes alive through a style of music all her own. With ten years of playing and writing music under her belt, she has dipped her toes into every style of music and fused all of these to create her own fresh sound. Whether she draws inspiration from Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Etta James or The Black Keys, Bunny West’s distinct, chillingly powerful voice lies at the root of her music.

Her hard work and dedication has culminated into a brilliant debut album, to be released later this Spring. After working as a bartender and playing weekly gigs at Piano Bar and Hotel Café in Hollywood, Bunny West was able to pay for sessions out of her own pocket. Friend, engineer and co-producer Geoff Neal lent a hand to get the album done in just four days. The tracks were all recorded live, within three takes and finished with limited overdubbing. Her sound is raw. Her sound is unforgettable.

As an introduction to her beautiful voice, she has recorded the song covering “Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden. It’s Bunny’s voice that brings out the sincere hurt and pain in the lyrics and gives the song a whole new perspective.

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