Living Vicariously Through Others, Folk Singer-Songwriter Ken Yates Channels Heart Break to ‘I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love’ his First CD, The Backseat EP

Singer Songwriter Ken Yates


A few years ago, Canadian songwriter Ken Yates came to Boston to work on his craft at world-renown Berklee College. Attending the school helped Yates perfect his songwriting skills, which ultimately led to the release of his first CD, The Backseat EP. Since, Yates has played a number of shows and is now also on heavy rotation on Sirius XM’s The Coffee House.

It was however a particular song entitled I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love that ended up being a turning point in Yates’ career as an artist. In fact, the piece marked a pivotal point in more ways than one.

“This was actually the quickest I’ve ever written a song,” said Yates. “Usually it takes me a week or even months to finish a song but this one was done in a few hours.”

“My teacher asked me to write the most honest song I could write,” he said. “And not think too much about the lyrics or get too ‘tricky’ with them, which was an issue I was having before that. It was the first time I tried to write a whole song with one single thought and not think too much about what I was writing.” Continue reading

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