Blake Andrew Music

Producer Self Produced • Blake Andrew Music • Kalamazoo Michigan

" I am deeply entrenched in current and future technologies and advancements, yet I remain minimalistic and just as low-tech as my collection of vinyl records "


My passion to become and electronic music producer began in the mid 90’s while heavily influenced by industrial, metal and rap music - mainly captivated by heavy bass, beats, and energy. Once I found techno I felt my musical search was over - I purchased a set of Technics and started collecting vinyl. I grew up in Michgan and spent every weekend in Detroit capturing the sounds and culture of techno music.

My electronic music interests moved beyond Detroit into techno that was emerging out of Europe. Naturally, because of my background in hard-style music, I was drawn to dark, hard techno. I began as techno dj locally and regionally throughout the Midwest. After a few years I moved onto focusing solely on electronic music production. I have now found a balance between music production, djing, and communication through my music and the Twilight Frequencies dj music blog and podcast.

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