Daniel Holter

Producer Freelance • Daniel Holter • Milwaukee Wisconsin

" my favorite thing to do is produce records for bands and singer-songwriters, something I’m grateful I still get to do from time to time "


I am a music producer, songwriter, mixer, and ridiculously amateur designer and photographer.

I founded my music production company The Burst Collective in 1996.

In 2007, we launched an online music licensing portal, BurstLabs.com, and then partnered with Sony/ATV and Extreme Music in 2008 to take things up a notch internationally.

I’m a fairly successful commercial music producer and composer… I have literally thousands of cues currently being used by such varied clients as Microsoft, GM & Gatorade, virtually all of the top shows on HBO, ABC, NBC, Fox, and all across the globe.

My first love in the music world is producing records for other artists, something I’m grateful I still get to do from time to time.

Burst HQ is my recording studio that I designed and built in 2002. It’s housed in a former post office just outside Milwaukee.

I’ve made some in-roads as a pop songwriter, having co-wrote Emma Roberts first single, I Wanna Be (iTunes), for her Columbia Records debut.

Visit danielholter.com for more information.