Deeper Upper

Band Rock Ensemble • Deeper Upper • Vilnius Lithuania

" Mixing classical and industrial sound, their aim is to spread post-punk revival musical ideas while guiding listeners through the gentle sonic chaos "


Deeper Upper is a post-punk revival band, inspired by air and mechanisms. In constant process of creativity, the band mixes classical and industrial sounds and tells the myths of a modern man through their lyrics.

Since the beginning of their musical career in late 2010, 4 bandʼs digital singles have been released so far. Two of the singles were included in such music playlists as "Samy's" and "Indie 69" while the band's hit  "I am the colours" was noticed by Mercedes-Benz and was put in MB Mixed Tape "Vision Diamond”. The band has also debuted their first music video which was made for the single “In the sands of a desert”. Throughout the band's career, Deeper Upper has been performing in various concert venues and clubs in Lithuania and two other Baltic countries

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