Elle Madison

Singer Performing • Elle Madison • New York New York

" A versatile songwriter, and performing artist who sings and produces a blend of R&B, Dance, Hip Hop and Pop music with a brand new flavor uniquely her own "


Elle Madison is a beautiful singer hailing from Long Island, New York. She sings a combination of R&B, Dance, Hip-Hop and Pop music. Elle writes all her own lyrics and produces many of her own songs. Elle first burst onto the music scene as a solo artist in 2003 going by the name Michelle Madison. Her vocals give her a sound that is uniquely her own. She brings a brand new flavor, that would sit well on top with all the well known artists of today.

Elle has released two solo albums. Her first album titled My Pink Palace was released in August of 2009. This album consisted of a pop music approach with occasional rapping from the singer. Her sophomore effort, Elle Madison EP, released in June of 2010, showed in less then a year of time her style and production had grown into much more. Elle Madison EP leaned towards the R&B genre and with songs like "My Heart is Breathing" and "Restless" Elle Madison proved she was a force to be reckoned with. Elle announced the release of her third solo album via her Official Website, titled Behold The Fairytales. The expected date for her third album is February 2013.

Visit www.ellemadison.net for more information.