Forge Recording Studio

Venue Recording Studio • Forge Recording Studio • Oreland Pennsylvania

" Our world-class studio includes a spacious control room, live room and two isolation rooms. We can accommodate most any project "


Forge Recording Studio combines a comfortable and professional environment with world-class results. Every project is unique and we take the time to ensure our clients are happy with their products. Begin with a relaxed, informal consultation, at no charge, then tour the studio with one of our engineers, producers or arrangers. We take the time to ensure your experience is second to none.

Get the best of both worlds: Record digitally with ProTools|HD 3 Accel or, if you prefer analog, use our Studer 24 track 2-inch tape deck. Our extensive microphone collection, combined with Avalon, Fearn, API and Focusrite preamps, ensures full, rich sound. And that's exactly what you'll hear when listening with our Genelec 1038A tri-amp active speakers.

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