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GiGhive proudly presents its first annual Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts (IANMA) Awards. The IANMA Awards is unique in that while it honors excellence in all areas of the Music Arts, its primary focus is highlighting and stressing the importance of the music artist brand and the Music Categories that establish the foundation for the Arts.

It is the intention of Gighive and it's IANMA awards platform: to reverence excellence in the independent music arts and showcase them annually - ideally helping to cultivate more original, premium art of a higher standard and purpose.

The IANMA will not only garner artist awareness, but bring much needed attention to these independent music brands that typically fly under the mainstream media radar.

Our aim: to honor excellence in all areas of the Music Arts and to cultivate a higher standard, purpose and awareness of the independent music brand.

Artist brands are the doorways into the music soul
Nominees TBA through, December 7, 2013 - January 2, 2014

12 Award Winners TBA on Sunday February 23, 2014 on IANMA.ORG

IANMA Awards Official Press Release

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Artist Achievements

Best Music Photograph
Best Website Design
Best Artist Biography
Best Original Songwriting
Best Musical Performance


Top Artist Achievements

Best Music Video
Best Song
Most Influential Artist Brand
Top Overall Music Brand

Top Artist Honors

Independent Artist
Singer Songwriter
Independent Band

Category Postponed to Dec 7th 2014

DJ - Disc Jockey

Best of Independent Music Arts Categories

Category Postponed to Dec 7th 2014

Music Producer
Music Photographer
Music Composer
Music Teacher
Music Engineer
Music Blogger
Indie Designer

  • Three Major Categories
  • Twelve Individual Award Honors
  • 5 Nominees Per Award
  • Sixty Nominees TBA through, December 7, 2013 - January 2, 2014
  • Top Artist Achievements Cash Prize - $2000.00 per winner
  • Top Artist Honors Cash Prize - $1500.00 per winner
  • Artist Achievements Cash Prize - $500.00 per winner
  • Winners will also be awarded The Microphone IA
  • $16,000.00 in cash awards
  • Initial sponsorship brought to you by the GiGhive Independent Artist Agency

Listed artist brands are automatically entered. Must be a listed artist to be eligible.

To enter, you must be a Music Professional, Producer, Indie Band, Musician or Aspiring Artist who:

  • Owns an official website (dot com) and is actively promoting services or music from it.
  • Using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, etc; to promote your website.
  • Has a decent following or has/had accomplishment/achievements in music industry or related field.
  • Has a professionally written; detailed About Me/Bio somewhere on website.
  • Has a quality brand that stands out on the web and is looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd.

There is no cost to enter or to submit your website.

All approved website listings are automatically entered into the 2013 IANMA Awards Online Event

Submit artist website for consideration here...

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