Lost In Los Angeles

Band Indie Pop • Lost In Los Angeles • Los Angeles California

" Combining impassioned melodies with lush, cinematic instrumentation, LiLA delivers dream-induced indie pop to a generation searching for something deeper "


The Los Angeles based trio – Danny Klein (vocals, piano, synth, beats), Eddie Deering (guitar, synth, beats) and Clark Souter (bass, vocals, beats) - use their music to explore their dreams. LiLA have emerged as true sonic storytellers, wandering through hope, love and humanity, while wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

LiLA’s self-titled debut album on Cartel Records drew their collective energy and experiences. The sonic landscape of the album allows listeners to go on a journey of personal reflection and emerge more enlightened on the other side. Each track unfolds with fresh, sincere emotion, dispatching melodies and thoughts that remain with the listener long after first play.

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