Mannish Mania

Artist Duo • Mannish Mania • Atlanta Georgia

" With most listeners being astonished by the maturity of the duos tantalizing, sexy-seductive lyrics and show performances, fans and audiences referred to their style of music as “Mannish” "


This ground breaking duo-led group’s name is MANNISH. MANNISH collaboratively brings both worlds of R&B and Hip-Hop packaged together in one dynamic group.

Individually Daniel “Danny J” Sutton brings the sexy, seductive, sensual R&B and Marvin “King” Dooley brings Hip-Hop; with his smooth thought-provoking lyrics, swagger and commanding stage presence, this group leaves their listeners and audience always wanting more. Considering themselves to be “True Entertainers” the duo decided early on in their careers – they will always bring 110% to any and every performance.

So as a group, MANNISH is known for enticing, sexy, energized, non-stop keep the crowd moving music and performances.

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