Melanie Edwards

Singer Songwriter • Melanie Edwards • New York City New York

" A musical and scientific hybrid, Edwards tours worldwide with her symphonic lab, captivating audiences with her haunting vocals, intricate compositions and complex melodies "


A musical and scientific hybrid, Edwards is a classically trained pianist, violinist and singer who studied nuclear science. Touring worldwide with her symphonic lab, she captivates audiences with her haunting vocals and complex melodies. Edwards negates predictable pop formulas, often incorporating her fans into the mix and improvising song sketches.

As for Edwards’s scientific side, it’s no symbolic play on words. According to Edwards, “art forms are what exist ‘between the binary’ and act as unarticulated truths, the subtext of the reality. As an artist, particularly a singer/songwriter, it’s important for me to try and catch the pieces of the quizzes in life, sort it together and express the subtext of the situations, in their truest forms, before they’re manipulated and boiled down to binary codings of blue and red, democratic or republican, chocolate or vanilla.”

Having spent the winter writing and recording in Costa Rica, global musical scientist Melanie Edwards returns with her sixth solo album, Las Rosas, releasing May 21st. Edwards once again pushes the envelope, combining natural sound chronicled during her travels through Costa Rican rain forests and beaches with her own intricate compositions.

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