Mighty Men Of Faith

Band Ensemble • Mighty Men Of Faith • Union City California

" committed to producing gospel music of praise and worship that will evoke spiritual fervor, change lives, and have lasting spiritual effects "


We are Wendell Basey, William (Pedie) Carswell, Rev. Ed. Prothro-Harris, and Malvin Scott, a Gospel Music Quartet. who sing gospel songs of praise and worship with inspirational lyrics and with a soulful delivery. We are a music ministry that sing songs of praise and worship with fervor and zeal. We have set our site to spread God's Word through music to the masses; people of every age throughout the world.

Our sound is unique but influenced by the likes of the Temptations, Whispers, and Canton Spirituals. As gospel artist our goal is to produce gospel music of praise and worship that is inspirational, will change lives, evoke spiritual fervor, and have lasting spiritual effect. We are hopeful that our spirit filled music ministry will be a blessing to every listener.

Visit www.mightymenoffaith.com for more information.