Minor Soul

Band Indie Pop • Minor Soul • New York New York

" Every lyric and melody reflects their inner city roots - inspired by rockers and folkies of pop culture’s past, neo-Punk rockers...all swirling around into one sonic melting pot "


Minor Soul is an acoustic-pop band created by two young brothers, Jack and Max Wagner, aged 20 and 18. Born in London of English and American parents, they grew up in a high-rise overlooking Hong Kong’s storied waterfront, raiding their father’s collection of Rock classics – everything from the Velvet Underground and Bowie to Jeff Buckley. Add an insatiable hunger for the latest sounds coming out of Europe and the US and you have a singer-songwriter duo who, despite their youth, have been experimenting, performing and writing together for years, and who display a deep sense of song crafting tradition – influenced by the likes of Dylan, the Beatles and Coldplay.

​They recently worked with ASCAP-winning songwriter Toby Gad in Los Angeles, co-writing and recording two songs. While in Los Angeles, the brothers also worked with songwriters Rune Westberg and Steve Diamond, co-writing and recording another song. Jack and Max Wagner are currently based in New York City, performing live and spreading the word about Minor Soul.​

Jack, who in his summers has studied at Berklee and Guildhall Schools of Music, plays guitar, drums, keys and sings with a plaintive, folky baritone. Max, who has traveled Asia as a child actor in stage productions and studied voice at Guildhall in London, is largely self-taught on guitar, bass and piano. He sings with a lilting, soul-baring tenor. Together they blend in a way some have described as the new Simon & Garfunkel.

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