Mojo Perry

Musician Guitarist • Mojo Perry • Milwaukee Wisconsin

" Blending Art, Blues, and Psychedelic Rock; infused with raw energy and unmistakable stage presence, Mojo Perry always delivers on the high-energy show "


As the founding father of the "Northern Sound", Mojo Perry is no stranger to the guitar. Beginning at age five, he quickly graduated to performing in taverns. Standing out among other guitarists in the area, he released his first recording at age 16. The material had Mojo’s distinct fingerprints, a signature sound, and showed exceptional potential. He was virtually always, and still can be, found in a recording studio laying down tracks and developing his craft.

Mojo’s first official label release came when he was 23. His brainchild, the "Wandering Gypsies", realized modest success with their record, "The Man". Having authored hits that are still engaging an ever- expanding audience, "The Man" provided Mojo a foundation for inspiration. Setting off on his own path, Mojo resolved to discover the true identity of his music. As a session guitarist in Chicago, he thrust himself into the Blues and often found himself backing well-known artists. All the while he worked aggressively to refine his Art and experiment with Psychedelic music in the studio and at live performances.

Identifying his style as the "Northern Sound", Mojo Perry’s first solo recording, aptly titled "Bookmaker", was released in 2000.The album proved to be a workhorse for Mojo and landed him in broader markets. Although he came from the blues, Mojo fused Psychedelic Rock with extreme acid overtones in live performances. His new recording proved that his vision of Psychedelic Blues Rock could be caught on tape. Several songs on “Bookmaker" are highly requested at shows and receive continued radio airplay.

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