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Are You A Branded Independent Artist?

This music directory and network is primarily for artists, musicians, labels and music industry professionals who host an official web site and want to add a full page web site listing in the directory and feature content in the network.

Featured Content Can Include:

  • Press Releases
  • Album and Music Video Releases
  • Upcoming Shows
  • Important Music Events
  • Tour Dates
  • Social Media Content
  • Feature Articles and Interviews
  • And much more!

The network offers our services at no cost, but to cater to the individal needs of each artist listed in the network, space is limited.

Artists can only suggest a web site. Site owners must verify the site url in the form below and then fill out a few listing details. Note* Not all artist sites are approved for listing pages on GiGhive.

Upon further review of your artist website and network, the site admin may add your listing to a more relevant category.

  • You must have an official website (No sub-domains/subdirectories e.g,
  • Domains names(urls) that redirect to social pages/networks are not eligible for entry in the directory
  • Web sites need to have a clear and concise artist/band bio, about me page/bio or similar description page on website.
  • Listee must own the copyrights to their works (music, photos etc ;)
  • We do not list artists who advertise free website created by wix, weebly, etc;
  • Must have a decent following or has/had accomplishment/achievements in music industry or related field.
  • If artist is signed to an independent music label, then the label must submit the artist.
  • We currently list artists who invest time and resources building their brand presence and image online.
  • All approved listings include a free full page feature write-up and promotional campaign on the network
  • If you were redirected here from our 616 Music Venue Booking Page, please submit your website below.

"It's important for indie artists to maintain their unique voice in the predictable, mainstream climate currently known as the music industry. GiGhive provides the perfect balance of professionalism and creativity to spotlight upcoming artists who may otherwise be overlooked and for that I'll always be grateful to continue working with them" - Melanie Edwards

Over the years I have met some amazing artists. Most have the same thing in common. Energy plus passion… and they put it all out there and into the presentation of their brands. I feel independent music is capable of being the foremost brand in the world if someone could figure out a way to harness all the energy these artists generate and put it all under one roof" - Duane Charles


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