Website Listing Submission Guidelines

The criteria is as follows if you are interested in having your web site included in the artist listings :

1. You must own and host your own dot com web page AND feature memberships on multiple media networks(facebook, twitter, reverbnation, blog etc;)

The primary reason we no longer list social media/network pages as listings.

  • The content on the pages are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual site. Each artist must agree to any and all terms set forth by the site. Non compliance terminates a user's access to the service under appropriate circumstances; which means as an independent artist, you are dependent on terms and conditions set beyond your control. The page does not belong to you.

  • The purpose of this site is to highlight and showcase independent artist brands. As more artists abandon personal websites to alternative networks, they further dilute the artist brand by redirecting web traffic to and endorsing/sponsoring (linking to) corporate branded entities. This endorsement allows much of the web traffic and content created by independent artists to be monetized, further empowering corporate brands and the artist's dependency on them, i.e. setting the stage for Corporate Music Industry 3.0

2. Web sites need to have a clear and concise about me page/bio or similar desciption page on website. If we can't determine who you are as an artist by visiting your site, chances are neither will new visitors. We feel music and bands bio's are the introduction to the artist brand. We highly recommend artists take the time to invest in their personal brands to separate themselves from the crowd.

3. Gighive is an independent artist directory, where artists can maintain and control certain aspects of their listings. We are currently seeking artists who are engaged in other communities and actively building their personal brand on the web.

4. You must be an independent artist that is interested in supporting the independent music community e.g. a producer, photographer, writer, blogger, designer, etc; catering to the indie community.

Our main categories include:

• Musician
• Artist
• Producer
• Band
• Singer
• Composer
• Engineer
• Designer
• Disc Jockey
• Teacher
• Manager
• Songwriter
• Video Production
• Arts
• Venue
• Store
• Executive
• Blog

Because we our investing considerable time and resources in building this directory, the full page listings is our way of adding quality artist links to the Gighive Artist Directory, opposed to depending on the openness of the general artist signup.

Our goal is to build a community founded on relevant content, resources, and a network of quality artists.

You can submit your web site here.