Rui Oliveira

Singer Performing • Rui Oliveira • Aveiro Portugal

" determined to make my life an adventure, Aveiro travels around the world producing numerous live shows and contributing to many projects as a singer and instrumentalists "


Born in Aveiro, Portugal, in 1974. Lover of life and music

After finishing my degree and completed handball player career, I made the first of a long travel, working as a musician, singing and playing the guitar where people would care to listen.

Traveling and sleeping in my old car did shows in Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy, Britain, Lebanon and Finland. Since I Travelled alone I always tried to interact with local musicians and developed a taste for communication and
live musical improvisation.

I currently live in Aveiro, and have been a professional singer since 2000; producing numerous live shows, and participating in many projects as a singer and instrumentalists.

I travel around the world determined to make my life an adventure.

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