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Composer Music • Sampsa Lopponen • Los Angeles California

sampsa.lopponen | Composer

The music business is really a people business as much as it is a music business.


Sampsa Lopponen is a Los Angeles, CA based music maker, bass player, music producer, music composer & songwriter, music arranger and a life and music coach and mentor.

Born in small town of Joensuu in Finland (Scandinavia) Europe, Sampsa Lopponen moved to USA in 1992. His versatile background makes him a powerful mixture of European precision and American feel. Prior to living in Los Angeles California, Sampsa has lived and worked in the music business in New York City, NY, Nashville, TN, Chicago, IL and in Europe. He has worked with many top name musicians, producers, leaders and in mega churches across America.

Sampsa’s intellectual curiosity and studies of human behavior and the mind are part of what makes him such a powerful force in the music industry. As a musician, his strength and the connection he brings is remarkable. As a music producer, he is able to use those same insights to draw energy and the best out of performers, artists, singers and musicians, helping them to reach their peak performance. As a music director his experience, his deep understanding of all aspects of live musical event, his ability to multitask and his skills to work with people make Sampsa Lopponen an outstanding music director and music producer.

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