Artist Solo • SaulPaul • Austin Texas

" Part rapper/part singer songwriter, SaulPaul is an entertaining artist who blends his voice, his guitar and his looper pedal to create a mesmerizing live show "


Musician - Author -  Speaker -  Filmmaker

Imagine being born into poverty... without a mother or father. Picture growing up in the ghetto, surrounded by drugs and murder. Visualize being located in the Texas state penitentiary but then... See yourself going against all odds and graduating from one of the nation's top universities. This was SaulPaul's life.

Since college graduation, SaulPaul has taken his unique story and crafted it as universal message of inspiration. He's impacted hundreds of thousands of people through his music, movie, book and motivational speeches.

SaulPaul is telling his story because he believes that a good story well told can truly make a difference in how one sees the worlds. Whether by song, book, speech, movie or magazine, SaulPaul's goal is to impact lives for the better. SaulPaul's goal is to edify and entertain audiences while simultaneously equipping them with the necessary tools to make a difference in their lives and the lives around them.


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