Social Mediarts

Executive Social Media • Social Mediarts • Los Angeles California

" Our team offers something unique to your online marketing efforts. Your brand will have instant recognition and an unforgettable presence online. "


Over the past 15 years, John has had a variety of professional experiences in design, marketing and online community-building to develop a combination of qualities that are uniquely suited for the effective planning and management of social media marketing. Having honed these skill sets with the companies that were employing him, he founded Social Mediarts to help other businesses successfully navigate the new world of social media and viral marketing.

John began his professional career in graphic design. With an innate sense of aesthetics, he found that visual communication was a powerful tool for affecting the viewer’s experience. This notion was further nurtured when he received training in marketing theory and strategy while working as a designer for a marketing firm. Later experiences allowed him to apply such knowledge via multimedia design to creatively develop branding as both conceptual idea and visual identity.

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