Sonny Court

Artist Solo • Sonny Court • Lausanne Switzerland

" Pop-driven melodies, influenced by R&B geared to get you moving both physically and emotionally. Has the qualities of a multi-faceted entertainer that comes around ever so often "


Sonny grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland to the music of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Usher. At the age of 9 he taught himself to sing, dance and pick out melodies on the piano. That’s when he began to dream of what it would be like to have a career in music.

He simultaneously built a home studio and began to record his own personal songs to share with his friends and newly acquired fans. After learning some “fly” dance moves and perfecting his singing abilities, he was finally confident enough to upload his first videos to YouTube and first songs to Itunes. Since then Sonny’s fan base has grown into the tens of thousands and from the looks of things has no signs of slowing down. His pop-driven melodies, influenced by R&B are geared to get you moving both physically and emotionally. The term “radio, dance friendly soul” might best describe the type of song that Sonny delivers to his core audience.

Although his first language is French and it helps to express his romantic side, the word International will always describe the language of his music.

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