Steve Chab

Producer Self Produced • Steve Chab • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

" Writes and produces music in many genres: emo, math rock, progressive rock, glitch, glitch-hop, funk, etc. Writing and producing music is my passion and expertise "


I've been recording and writing music since 2002 and am well versed in many genres.

Together, we can bring new light to your project.

Songwriting Apprenticeship
Songwriters often get stuck using the same patterns and genres over and over again. Are you overlooking unseen potential for your music? Together, we'll brainstorm and discuss the potential in your music.
Have an idea for a song? Let's write music together!
I'll perform guitar, bass, drums, percussion, program, and/or sing in your music. We might even record tracks in my home studio.
Studio Sit-ins & Rehearsal Sessions
Have a band? I'll sit-in on rehearsals while we explore and brainstorm ideas. I'll also guide your recording sessions.
Vocal & Instrument Coaching
We'll discuss different singing and playing techniques and focus your songwriting abilities. I'm able to help you with vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and programming.
Custom Beats for R&B, Hip-hop & Rap
I make plenty of beats which you can purchase for $150 per beat. I'll also write custom beats for you. Hear some of my beats on SoundCloud.
I have a small recording studio in my home where we can make beats and experiment with different sounds.

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