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Rebekah Ann Curtis - Singer Songwriter - Independent Artist

Rebekah Ann Curtis (Seattle, WA) sings and writes her heart and soul through songs that reflect folk, blues, and rock. Her songs are varied as her ins...

Category: Singer
Type: songwriter
Location: Bothell, WA
Zip: 98082
Country: United States

Indie Singer Songwriter | Performing Artist - Toronto | Karyn Ellis

Karyn Ellis is a singer-songwriter / acoustic pop artist from Toronto Ontario, Canada. Karyn has built her reputation on being a purveyor of quirky br...

Category: Artist
Type: solo
Location: Toronto
Country: Canada
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Acoustic Folk Soul Singer Songwriter - Bohemian Diva | Antonia Vai

Antonia Vai (Stockholm, Sweden) This Swedish singer-songwriter manages to capture a haunting vibe without sacrificing melody. Mellow easy listening so...

Category: Singer
Type: songwriter
Location: Stockholm
Zip: 11853
Country: Sweden
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