The Pilgrims

Band Rock Ensemble • The Pilgrims • Windsor Vermont

" this quartet plays it lovingly roughewn, but never roughshod, with oodles of treble-kickin’ riffs, a few savvy harmonies and a nervy swig of Stonesy sass "


The Pilgrims started in 2010 in a dirty kitchen in a reconditioned office-space-apartment on Depot Ave in Windsor, Vermont. Three 20-something roommates (Davis McGraw (guitar & vocals), Chris Goulet (guitar & vocals) and Brendan Dangelo (bass) spent their days making minimum wage and their nights burning tubes and building calluses.

At a practice space in an alley way across from the train tracks,The Pilgrims jam out to raw rock n roll riffs, projecting a wry grin towards 80s and 90s indie & punk, and the country rock of the 1970s. The drums are driving, the bass is fuzzy, melodies abound; the guitars are loud. After a stint with one drummer (he just didn't work out) & recording the 6 song EP Nobility (produced by Kiel Alarcon), the boys met drummer Chris Egner at a downtown bar and the band was complete. The Grims spent 2011/ 2012 playing bars, clubs, museums, county fairs, train stations and lake houses, releasing the split EP with Blushing, "Natalie Goes To College" and putting the finishing touches on their first full length album, "It's Not Pretty".

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