gighive independent artist category logoGiGhive Artists are independent music artists and professionals who are setting the highest standards in online music and brand presentation.

GiGhive Independent Artists are independent music artists and professionals who we recognize meet or exceed this criteria and have their websites listed in the music directory and network.  


What is GiGhive? is an online music network and directory dedicated to listing the websites of next generation independent artists who endeavor to compete at a high level in an online music industry geared to maximize revenue from advertising, product sponsorships, endorsements and music sales.

What does that mean?

When it relates to music opportunities, entrepreneurs (indie labels, bloggers, music festival/event organizers, venue owners, sponsors, advertisers, business owners, etc;) in general will seek out the best individuals or groups to connect with to get the maximum ROI.

For music artists, that means individuals or groups who invest the most resources in presenting a complete and professional brand are more likely to put themselves in more favorable circumstances than those who do not.

Put simply. If you are not willing to spend every ounce of energy and invest in every resource that you can and put it into your brand, then why should anyone use their resources to do same?

Do your homework. Spend a little bit of time researching the artists that play in top venues and festivals, get covered by the premier music blogs or are sought out by paying sponsors. These independent artists think like entrepreneurs; because that is indeed what they are.

At GiGhive, we spend most of our energy seeking out these particular artists and music professionals.

A GiGhive Independent Artist is or can be defined as anyone in various stages of their career:

  • Writes and creates great music that is professionally recorded mixed and mastered.
  • Has a website as a base of operation that is maintained by the artist or hired out.
    • Your website is not just for fans, but a place to attract future sponsors, advertisers, and business opportunities as the brand continues to grow.
  • Understand all the aspects of brand building and prepares for the long haul.
  • Hires someone to take professional images that defines artist.
    • Images should accurately display how you want the world to view you as an artist. Very important to music blog submission and website promotion. Choose the very best image to feature on your extended networks. The image must remain consistent with your extended online brand.
  • Prepares a professional press release that introduces the artist or any important news such as an up and coming album release. 
  • Writes or hires someone to write an engaging and well written bio.
    • Try to make it very easy for professional writers, bloggers and new sources to spread your message.
  • Writes a compelling 150 - 300 character intro or tagline that will sum up the brand.
    • Writers, bloggers and fans will want to sum you up to spread the word about you. Your tagline differentiates you from the rest.
  • Learns the basics of SEO and link building or hires a professional.
    • Take advantage of search engine traffic and define your niche. Learn to own it locally, regionally and then take it nationally depending how far you want to go. If you are an Electronic Music Producer from Chicago. Then become the best music producer in your local area first. Define and own your niche!
  • Invests resources in a great music video that people will love to watch and share.
  • Joins the web community and spreads the message on social media networks.
  • Makes efforts to pay to advertise online and on social networks.
    • Advertise where your potential fans can find you.
  • Hires a publicist or learns how to do their job
  • Contacts music blogs owners and get them to spread the message.
  • Doesn’t wait until the album is finished to start promoting.
    • Brand building is a long process, i.e. get your fans involved in you music creative process or shoot video during the recording process. Just a side note. All the little things matters to fans.
  • Invests in promotional material. Business cards, logos, t-shirts etc;
  • Finally! Gets reviewed by and gets their website listed in the network.

In our experience with 1000s of listing submissions reviewed by us, only 1 out of 100 meet or exceed this criteria.

Are You A GiGhive Independent Artist?