Music, Lyrics, and…the Artist & Band Bio!

ShortBios Music Bio Services As a working musician, it is essential to have a professionally-written bio to promote you, your music, your band and your gigs. Next to having a website — which GiGhive requires of all the independent artists listed in our Network/Directory — the single most important element to success is having an outstanding bio, especially for your website.

For all our bio-writing projects, GiGhive uses ShortBios® and recommends their services for every musician who wants an affordable, professional bio. ShortBios is the outstanding writing-services company that specializes in writing short biographies (bios) for musicians and the music industry generally. (For a price quote of their reasonable services, please check out All their fees are negotiable.)

Why Having A Short Music Bio Is Imperative

ShortBios Music Bio ServicesTo paint the creative picture of who you are as a musical artist, few elements are as important as the bio. At its best, your bio is as much a creative expression as are the music and lyrics that embue your spirit.

So, in one sense, the bio is unlike any of the other technicalities of your profession/talent (the instruments you play, the gigs that you experience, the resume, the list of recommendations, repertoire list, the website, the social media, and so on). For your bio is a creative expression, not merely a technical exercise.

And yet, like any technical endeavor, your bio, at its most impressive and meaningful, requires as much professional expertise and attention as that which goes into crafting a musical instrument or promoting and coordinating a gig.

The trick, then, for the professional bio-writer is to present a quintessential picture of your innately creative musical talent but to do it with the skill of a precise technician.

We are pleased, therefore, to be able to offer the creative talents of, the pre-eminent music biography company. (Check out their website to get a price quote, etc.)

Who Will View Your Bio

Your bio is your calling card. It is the statement of who you are, in words. Next to the music you create or promote, your bio is perhaps the most vivid picture of what you are about. It puts your music life in context and perspective. Written properly, it is the song of your life, expressing as much in words as the music you play and create or the lyrics you write and sing.

It can be used in a multiplicity of media: printed programs, newspaper and magazine concert articles, concert flyers, and music festival applications as well as on websites, in emails, etc.

What's in a great Music Bio

The bios created by ShortBios® are what every music bio should be: the perfect balance of life history and musical experience, always connecting your experience with your music, however remote the connections might at first seem. It does not clutter incidental parts of your life history with the point of selling yourself to the potential employer, competition judge, or purchaser of your music or music-related service.

GiGhive Music Artists Network GiGhive Music Artists Directory GiGhive Websites and Bios GiGhive Music Categories and Tags The GiGhive Music Artists Buzz GiGhive Network: Music Conduit to the Web GiGhive Network: Music Conduit to the Web Though it is much more than merely a listing of qualifications, a great music bio masterfully presents your most impressive musical accomplishments — competitions, awards, scholarships, solos, ensembles, festivals, and any other performances that will dazzle the reader. And where the artist's experience might be limited, it pulls together, when appropriate, every salient facet of one's non-musical history, character, and personality to bring alive the musical heart that beats within the individual, shaped by the inspirations and influences that comprise the artist's history.

And a great bio uses the right mix of even minor-seeming gems lurking in an artist's life: Not just a performance at a well-known venue or with a famous artist but also a quote from a fellow artist or a never-forgotten piece of musical advice or inspiration.

Simply put, the short (approximately one page) biography is the single most powerful way of selling yourself…period! No other sheet of paper, no other webpage, no other document, can impress a potential employer more than the Short Bio. No other collection of 50 to 300 words or so can have as much impact on your ability to communicate verbally or electronically who you are!

That's why GiGhive utilizes the services of ShortBios, the outstanding writing services company that specializes in the short music bio. They make you look good with words. They take the parts of your life that mean something to those whom you want to impress, and turn those pieces into a gem that will make people want what you have to offer, want what you were born to do, want what YOU want to do or become.